Products and Services

We service and maintain all makes and models of geothermal systems.

We specialize in installation of WaterFurnace goethermal systems.

Some of our most popular models are:


The 70011A, WaterFurnace's top-of-the-line system, surpasses 41 EER* and 5.3 COP** in efficiency, ratings superior to standard conditioning systems. A variable-capacity compressor, variable-speed loop pump, and variable-speed blower offer excellent comfort. Enjoy energy savings up to 70 percent.






The 500A11 provides heating, air conditioning, and even generates some hot water for your home. It has energy efficiency ratings of 30 EER* and 4.8 COP**. The unit comes in several configurations and sizes, and the controls allow two-way communication between components for top performance and easy troubleshooting.





The dual capacity 300A11 provides forced-air heating and air conditioning for your home, and also generates a portion of the hot water you use. This popular unit can be purchased at a significant savings over any ordinary system. It offers energy efficiency ratings of 22.3 EER* and a 4.1 COP**.






The Synergy3D series not only provides multi-stage heating and cooling, but hot water for your home or for radiant floor heat. It's the geothermal equivalent of a boiler, furnace and air conditioner rolled into one. The Synergy3D series has energy efficiency ratings of 23.7 EER* and 4.5 COP**. Units are available in four vertical sizes.





*What is EER? The higher the EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio), the greater the cooling efficiency of your geothermal unit, meaning it will cost you less to run it. EER is the ratio of heat removed (in Btu per hour) to electricity used (in watts).

**What is COP? The higher the COP (Coefficient of Performance), the greater the heating efficiency of your geothermal unit, meaning it will cost you less to run it. COP is the ratio of heat output (in Btu) per Btu of energy input.